Calabarian Helichrysum

Like no other helichrysum, the variety from Calabria expresses an extraordinary aromatic profile with a concentration of active components amongst the highest in the world. It is harvested from woodland in a preserved environment rich in tradition.

To sustain this resource, Herbarom has identified an expert partner for harvesting and distilling the precious helichrysum.

Before each harvest, the sites are methodically identified and the areas mapped to obtain the rights for picking in a natural environment and to certify the picking areas.

The harvest respects the plant as it only takes the flower head. The helichrysum then regenerates and produces new flowers the following year. After harvest, the cut flowers are transported within six hours to avoid any risk of overheating or damage. The plant is distilled in a still specially developed for short distillations (less than 3 hours), and the second distillation collects the smallest fractions still trapped in the hydrolates.

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