Developing meaningful products together

Whether in the beauty, well-being or health sectors, demand for plant extracts is mainly driven by a desire for products that are healthier and more ethical. It goes hand in hand with an increasing need for transparency about origins and manufacturing conditions. This is the very heart of Herbarom’s added value proposal.


Giving substance to plant products

Whether tapping into traditional plant farming, the wonders of biodiversity or food flavours, plants in cosmetics mainly tend to rebuild connections. With nature. With the men and women of this world. Herbarom believes that every extract is the fruit of virtuous ecosystems involving plant farming, processing, formulation and use by consumers. It wants to establish this relationship with the natural world in time and space, lastingly, through a real passion for goodness and wellness.

White cream bottle placed, Blank label package for mock up on a green foliage background. The concept of natural beauty products.


Guaranteeing 100% pure and natural quality from source

Aromatherapy is the promise of a healthier environment, a subtler and more holistic relationship with health and well-being; This requires essential oils that are 100% pure and natural, emerging like the cornerstones to trust and efficiency. A producer and distiller for over 25 years, today Herbarom enjoys a unique position whereby it guarantees the quality of its products thanks to independent farmers and producers managed and audited by its own experts.



Developing new creative materials

As with the food and cosmetics industry, the world of perfume is not escaping from the new trend for naturalness. With increasingly simple and understandable messages, trying to reproduce the uniqueness of a rose or a fresh herb, the perfume industry is involved in this same desire for safer products that build connections and new identities. Through its management of the best resources and its high standards with no compromise on the purity of its products, Herbarom develops natural materials for today’s perfume designers.