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The historic core business of Herbarom, essential oil distillation is based on three-fold expertise: developing 100% pure and natural products, perfect control of resources built on direct relationships with plant farmers and over 25 years of distillation experience.

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Local culture contracts in exceptional areas

By committing locally to areas with genuine and specialised farming traditions, every year Herbarom hones its expertise and knowledge of plant selection, farming, harvesting and surveillance at every stage of the distilling process. In this way, our top quality supplies are secured and our ability to support new resources from providers further away is reinforced.


Committed to guarantee 100% pure and natural oils

Phytochemical profiles provide objective information about the quality of essential oils. However it is not enough to guarantee their purity and authenticity. Our capacity for directly and independently managing and auditing each partner and plot of land means we can guarantee the source and quality of the raw materials and essential oils.


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