Our tailor-made extracts

Explore all the nuances of purity and gentleness
The guarantee of perfect integrity, from field to product. Specialised in the customised development of natural ingredients, Herbarom can manufacture your extract to match your requirements. This work involves our teams’ expertise in sourcing, technique, legislation and sales. The service may also involve the development of new resources.

We design your project together in 3 key stages

1 – Qualification of your request and specifications

Our sales team and engineers are trained and have the resources to guarantee the success of your project and draw up precise specifications.


2 – Confirmation of technical and regulatory feasibility by our expert team

Every project is submitted to our team of experts to confirm its technical, legal and industrial feasibility.


3- Samples

Made by our R&D laboratories, the samples take into account the constraints of progressing to the industrial stage and help define your product’s specification sheet.

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