Heartful Naturals

Developing ecosystems for the future

Natural products are taking off and embarking on a new era. It is no longer enough to offer quality plant extracts; now people demand a connection to their geographic origin and a trusting relationship with the men and women who grow the plants. Herbarom was created precisely from this desire: offering plant materials that encourage us to re-establish ourselves in this world, to reconnect to land loaded with history, to build new relationships with the people who cultivate the soil and know how to get the very best out of the plants themselves.

About us

Founded in Drôme, a land of tradition and the birthplace of organic farming, Herbarom specialises in plant extraction and distillation. A real pioneer, Herbarom has been developing its expertise for 25 years alongside its human project to meet new expectations in cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfumery.


Key figures

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Creating virtuous links with the land

At Herbarom, we are convinced that a good extract comes from top quality plants. This is why our business is inseparable from the land and the support we give specialised farmers. By privileging long-term relationships and culture contracts, we are lastingly establishing our presence in France and around the world in regions that combine traditional expertise and ideal soil conditions.


Growing good

Because we work at the crossroads of health and well-being, our business celebrates its true meaning when we guarantee healthy and honest products. We prefer organically grown plants and use gentle extraction techniques. In terms of quality controls, we use the most rigorous analytical techniques and the expertise of experienced teams, at every stage of the value chain.


Our certifications


ISO 9001


ECOCERT Cosmos Certified


AB certification


Kosher certification


Ecovadis label

Our commitments

By establishing genuine and lasting ecosystems from the very beginning, every day HERBAROM endeavours to develop responsible behaviour with its economic, environmental and community stakeholders and in particular:

  • Promote the wealth and diversity of the plant world
  • Develop a genuine pole of expertise around our corporate project
  • Collaborate with our partners with trust and respect
  • Have “fair trading practices” with our farmers
  • Ensure our growth whilst preserving the environment
  • Embrace research and innovation
  • Support an increasingly exacting quality initiative
  • Help develop local businesses

HERBAROM received “Gold” ranking in September 2017 from ECOVADIS (an independent organisation that assesses companies for their CSR policy).