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Véronique Agnel: Fragrance sector clients, France and export market

Anny Guez: Cosmetics sector clients, France and export market

Cécile Fontanille: Diet and nutrition sector clients, France

Benjamin Deleurence : Animal sector clients, France and export market

Christèle Eynard & Adeline Chabry : Sales Administration Assistant

Essential oils

HERBAROM LABORATOIRE has gained vast experience and know-how as a manufacturer and distiller, and is able to offer the professional customer a wide range of essential oils which are guaranteed 100% pure and natural, botanically and biochemically defined (EOBBD), in both conventional and organic variations.

Installed in the heart of the Drôme department, right in the heart of aromatic and perfumery plant production, we have direct access to the abundant local supply of aromatic plant.

We make the following essential oils at our own production unit:

• lavender, lavandin, clary sage, tarragon, cypress, lemon balm.
• carrot seed, parsley seed, angelica seed, coriander seed.
• lovage root, angelica root

We pride ourselves on having sustainable and equitable relationships for sourcing our raw materials, wherever that might be in the world. We achieve this through partnering and contract farming agreements with growers and distillers for both plant provisioning and essential oil trading.

With our extensive worldwide network of carefully selected partners, we can also offer you quality essential oils imported directly from their country of origin.

In our catalogue, depending on your requirements, you will find about a hundred conventional essential oils, of which 76 are certified Kosher, and about 60 organic essential oils (non-extensive list: so don't hesitate to contact us for any other requirement).

The majority of our products are available in stock and can be shipped within 48 hours. To guarantee quality and traceability, we provide complete transparency in the process as all products are checked in our own laboratories and are delivered with a technical specification sheet, a complete list of safety data and an analytical certificate.
Our quality system meets the requirements of the HACCP standard.

Installed, since 1994, in the heart of the Drôme department, between the Vercors and Provence, our SME is active in several market sectors, with one core line of business - plant extraction
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