Our premises

Herbarom Laboratoire

Situated in the heart of the Drôme valley, close to the fields where aromatic and medicinal plants flourish.

Modern premises

A 3200 square metre building, built in 2010, housing office space, production capability and storage areas.

The aroma road

To find us, take the route flanked by fields full of local sweet-smelling vegetation.

The main entrance

This houses the ground-floor reception area and the Aroma Bar.


Main reception area with access to offices and the factory.

The Aroma Bar

A waiting room with coffee facilities and the chance to discover our Oléïades range.

First floor corridor

The way to administration, sales and management office areas.

Glass partitioning

Having natural light creates a more convivial and relaxed atmosphere.

The kitchenette

High transparent stools around a long table in the form of a wave, for moments of relaxation with colleagues.

A small meeting room

A brightly coloured room for both internal discussions and meetings with visitors.

The factory corridors

These give access to the various closed areas devoted to production and packaging.

The filtration room

An area equipped for all types of filtration, including sterilising filtration.

Packaging room

The packaging lines can handle filling flasks from 5 ml to 1 litre.

The maceration room

The press, the turbo and the concentrator are used for the maceration of the plants.

Packaging line

There are 3 lines for filling/capping/labelling and 1 line for double packing, enabling us to package liquid formulations.

The distillery

The distillation vats, where the essential oils and hydrolates are extracted by steam.

Essential oil storage

Our essential oils, being flammable, are stored in a dedicated and protected area.

The warehouse

For storing raw materials before use and finished products before shipping.

  • Herbarom Laboratoire
  • Modern premises
  • The aroma road
  • The main entrance
  • Reception
  • The Aroma Bar
  • First floor corridor
  • Glass partitioning
  • The kitchenette
  • A small meeting room
  • The factory corridors
  • The filtration room
  • Packaging room
  • The maceration room
  • Packaging line
  • The distillery
  • Essential oil storage
  • The warehouse
Installed, since 1994, in the heart of the Drôme department, between the Vercors and Provence, our SME is active in several market sectors, with one core line of business - plant extraction
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