Our plant waters

Explore all the nuances of purity and gentleness
Delicately fragranced or neutral, emotional, active or functional, just like essential oils our plant waters are the fruit of Herbarom’s original expertise. With rigour and finesse they satisfy the aspirations of the new natural cosmetic trend for authenticity and gentleness.



They are obtained from fresh plants and are the co-product of essential oil distillation. Hydrolates contain a subtle aromatic fraction which, without altering the fragrance of your formulas, can be enough to personalise the most delicate products.

Distillates and floral waters


They are the result of distilling dried plants. Like cornflower water, they are particularly valued ingredients for formulating natural products that meet the needs of the most sensitive skins.

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Cellular waters


This water generated from plants is obtained by vacuum evaporation. Herbarom has a range of cellular waters certified by ECOCERT Greenlife called Aquacell, specially designed to formulate certified cosmetic products.

Quality designed for organic certification

Most of Herbarom’s plant waters are certified organic (AB: certified by Ecocert according to organic farming standards or COSMOS: certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos standards). We give priority to organic plants. The waters are protected by preservative systems that comply with Ecocert standards.


From small series
to major production

Our distillation units cater for batches from 25kg to a ton, with an annual capacity of more than 1,000 tons per year.