Plants and origins

Herbarom believes it is essential to build lasting connections to top quality land. This means the promise of ideal soil and weather conditions for growing certain plants, a must for all high quality raw materials. But it is above all the possibility of working with independent farmers who have solid expertise in growing speciality plants. Together, we have built genuine networks of expertise rooted in specific areas and developed intelligently with nature and people.

France: the birthplace of our expertise


Terroir-1 - Copie

A pioneer in organic farming

The birthplace of Abrial lavender, the chosen land for lime trees and lemon balm, Drôme is also a region at the cutting-edge of…



Terroir-2 - Copie

The excellence of fragrant plants

The name is enough to evoke huge fields of lavender under the sunny skies of southern France. Indeed, lavender farming…



Terroir-3 - Copie

Great medicinal and aromatic tradition

The quality of the light and its gentle climate make Anjou the garden of France. With over 800 dedicated hectares, it’s…


Developing and securing resources all over the world

Thanks to its experience and ability to work directly with producers, Herbarom is now developing community-based resources of high environmental quality in traditional areas in France and also in Europe around the Mediterranean and soon in Asia.