What if the new beauty phenomenon was a water?

Oils, balms, waters… The cosmetic industry likes these references that can indicate the simplicity of a natural product or very sophisticated formulas. Over the last few years, prodigious, divine, marvellous and sublime oils have conquered the market. But perhaps today the beauty world simply needs water!

Water is essential for the skin’s homoeostasis. Often it represents over 70% of beauty product content. For a long time however, water treatments have remained discreet or confined to make-up removers and cleansers. Today, a certain number of trends seem to want to reconsider water’s place in product creation.

Firstly in formulation. Often inspired by Asia, new textures must be ever lighter and very liquid. Formula technicians must maintain the gentleness and comfort that consumers are used to. Then in social and cultural trends. In a context that highlights the effects of stress and environmental pollution on the skin, with over 60% of consumers saying they have sensitive skin, the desire for purity and transparency is unstoppable. This translates into increasingly minimalistic formulas in which water is the pivotal element. At the crossroads of these movements, water is becoming the most obvious solution. But clearly not any water!

In this perspective, floral waters represent a very attractive world. Obtained by distilling dry plants, they become charged as they pass through plant matter like mineral water as it passes through rocks. At Herbarom, these flowers are grown by independent farmers on land that offers the best and purest qualities: whether organic soils in Drôme or the Moroccan Atlas mountains, the plants flourish in their natural biorhythms and are picked when their aromatic potential is at its greatest.

Combining the purity of water with the freshness of the plant and the finesse of the flowers, these floral waters appear to be the ideal solution to new beauty needs.